NoLimitCoin Poker is gearing up for the World Series of Poker, where it plans to send a number of players to the $10,000 buy-in main event in Las Vegas. We took a closer look at this new poker room which uses the latest in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to offer a revolutionary new experience – and the chance to invest in its long-term success.

NoLimitCoin Poker offers a chance to play your favourite poker games using the NoLimitCoin (NLC2) cryptocurrency (more on this later in this review).

This is a new type of poker room that is offering some fantastic opportunities, including a chance to win an all-inclusive package to the World Series of Poker main event in Last Vegas.

Getting started at NoLimitCoin Poker

All the games at NoLimitCoin Poker are played in NoLimitCoin, a publicly traded cryptocurrency known as NLC2. You can buy these coins on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bittrex, or directly on-site using Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, STEEM, Ethereum.

Best of all for those not familiar with cryptocurrency trading, you can also use your trusted credit or debit card (VISA / MasterCard), where your US dollar deposit will automatically be converted into NLC2 into your account, ready to play.

It is a simple process. Just sign up for an account and then press the ‘Buy NLC2’ button in the top right corner. Then it is into the action.

Why play at NoLimitCoin Poker?

NoLimitCoin Poker is billed as the home of ‘no rake’ poker. Because the priority for the NoLimitCoin Poker platform is to build player liquidity, it means those early to the platform can enjoy zero rake games. This is a unique opportunity within the poker world, and one that many players are already taking advantage of.

There’s no need to worry about rakeback deals and loyalty points, when you know you are playing the game for free anyway.

Aside from this, NoLimitCoin Poker offers a series of advantages over traditional online poker rooms. Withdrawals are near instant, instead of having to wait days or even weeks to access your winnings as is usually the case with other online poker sites.

The NoLimitCoin Poker platform is also fully web-based, meaning you won’t need to install a separate program. It is also fully mobile responsive.

What games and stakes are available at NoLimitCoin Poker?

NoLimitCoin Poker offers a wide range of games and stakes for all players.

The games are split into three categories: cash games, Sit&Gos, and tournaments. In terms of game, there are classics like Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Stud, as well as some lesser known varieties, such as Badeucy and Razz.

Cash games stakes start low at 0.01 NLC2 / 0.02 NLC all the way up to 500 NLC2 / 1,000 NLC2, which at the current market rate of NLC2 is roughly the equivalent of a $5/$10 cash game.

For Sit&Gos, regular buy-ins range between 10 NLC2 and 2,000 NLC2, but special tournaments, such as WSOP Main Event satellites, can go even higher.

On the tournament front, there are a number of fantastic regular freerolls, including many that begin the ladder to a WSOP package.

There are countless guaranteed prize pools, and the chance to gain some genuine value from some tournaments which are undersold.

NoLimitCoin World Series of Poker (WSOP) satellites

The big opportunity for those joining NoLimitCoin Poker over the next few weeks will be the chance to win a seat as part of an all-inclusive package to the World Series of Poker $10,000 entry main event.

NoLimitCoin Poker is running regular satellites for all budgets for the WSOP, including countless freerolls. The hope is that there will be a strong NoLimitCoin contingent at the main event in Las Vegas.

Even better, as part of the qualifiers, NoLimitCoin players will have the chance to play with poker legend and two-time WSOP main event winner Johnny Chan, who just so happens to be a brand ambassador for NoLimitCoin.

Keep an eye on the tournament schedule for your chance to try your luck in Vegas.

Bonuses at NoLimitCoin Poker

NoLimitCoin is currently offering some generous bonuses to new players, including a free 50 NLC2 simply for registering if you use the promo code CGNEWS.

If you deposit with credit or debit card, you will qualify for a 100 percent first deposit bonus of up to $100. So, deposit $100 using a credit or debit card, and receive $200. It should be noted that unfortunately this offer is not open to US players.

Given that NoLimitCoin Poker is already a rake free poker site, featuring a wide selection of freerolls and value-added tournaments, this is one of the best crypto gambling bonuses out there.

Investing in NoLimitCoin (NLC2)

NoLimitCoin’s proprietary token, NLC2, has more history than many cryptocurrencies, launching back in 2016 before the most recent cryptocurrency boom.

Those fortunate enough to invest back in 2016 will be showing a considerably profit on their investment, as the coin’s total market cap was only in the tens of thousands of dollars back then.

During the crypto boom of late 2017 and early 2018, NLC2 at one point boasted a total market cap of more than $100 million; as with all coins, it has retraced from there since, but there are signs it is very well positioned to capitalise on the next bull run.

For one, it has more history and heritage than most cryptocurrencies, and brings with it a strong community.

It has excellent exchange coverage, and remains well traded to this day on exchanges including Bittrex and HitBTC.

The coin itself is a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency, providing almost instant transactions with ultra-low fees, making it ideal as a gaming currency.

Its desktop wallet is available for Windows and iOS, and includes a cool staking feature, which pays out 4 percent per year in additional coins.

The NoLimitCoin team is led by CEO Rafael Groswirt, who previously developed and patented one of the first automated poker tables. Poker legend Johnny Chan is also a NoLimitCoin brand ambassador.

You can read an in-depth interview with Rafael and the NLC2 team here.

Is it easy to multi-table at NoLimitCoin? What is the user interface like?

We found the user interface on NoLimitCoin Poker extremely intuitive and easy to use.

The games load quickly in browser, and you can select on the right-hand panel whether you want to play cash or tournament poker.

If you wish to play more than one table at a time, each table will be listed on a bar at the top of the screen. It is simply to switch between them, and you will be automatically prompted when you have an action to make.

We played four tables very comfortably, but I would imagine it would be a fairly simply process to scale this up further.

The tables themselves look great, with each player represented by a cartoon avatar. Sliders and pre-set options make it easy to place your best quickly and efficiently.

There is also a very active chat bar at the bottom of each table, and the community is friendly and welcoming to new players.

How tough are the games at NoLimitCoin?

In a previous life, was something of a shark at the poker tables, reaching Supernova tier at PokerStars where he was a regular, 24-tabling the NL100 games.

While this was more than a decade ago now, we were more than happy to come out of retirement to give the games at NoLimitCoin a test run.

What we found were some fantastically soft tables, with plenty of soft players that were easy to bully. It is a world away from the likes of PokerStars, where even low stakes games are full of professional grinders making a living of newcomers.

These games were, well, fun, which is something online poker hasn’t really been for a long time.

However, a word of warning. With some great bonuses available and satellites to the WSOP Main Event, it won’t be long until better players begin arriving. We’d recommend joining sooner rather than later, and enjoying a unique opportunity to land some big wins.

Other games at NoLimitCoin

NoLimitCoin also offers a fantastic daily fantasy sports platform. Keep an eye out on for a full review soon.

  • Range of games 90% 90%
  • User experience 96% 96%
  • Support and trustworthiness 95% 95%
  • Bonuses 95% 95%
  • Currencies and languages 92% 92%




NoLimitCoin offers the best crypto poker experience out there. It is an easy-to-use poker room with generous bonuses and the chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the World Series of Poker main event. We love that we deposit with Bitcoin or a credit card, while still playing with the platform’s NLC2 token. And with no rake to pay either, NoLimitCoin is the nuts.

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