NoLimitCoin (NLC2) Fantasy Sports has been growing rapidly over recent months, expanding into new sports while also building a loyal following. CEO Rafael Groswirt spoke with about the next step.

Please could you outline the key features of the NoLimitCoin Fantasy Sports platform?

It has been a fantastic year for NoLimitCoin Fantasy Sports. Our platform is now fully built out, and the focus is adding players.

We have just concluded a successful NBA season, with some extremely encouraging user numbers and gaming volumes. The site is live with a great portfolio of sports, including football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey and our popular Fantasy Crypto game. We are looking at adding new sports in the coming weeks, including MMA, cricket and eSports.

Could you tell us a little more about Fantasy Crypto?

We wanted to create something a little different in the fantasy sports space.

Fantasy Crypto is basically a new take on the classic fantasy sports format, but instead of assembling a team of your favourite soccer or basketball players, you select a portfolio of cryptocurrencies and compete against others.

We’ve found that it has been a really powerful educational tool for those who want to learn more about the cryptocurrency market. Because the mechanics are similar to fantasy sports, it is an easy way to begin to learn about trading without the exposure and volatility of the real market.

One cool feature is the ability to check in on other, high-performing portfolios from other players to pick up some tips.

How do you plan on scaling the userbase?

We have been heavily focused on the onboarding process. We already believe our platform offers the best user experience of any fantasy sports game out there. So now the key is getting the message out there.

There are a few components to this. Firstly, we have a very attractive affiliate program in place that we are rolling out.

Secondly, we are smoothing the onboarding process, by adding new functionality such as deposits with debit or credit cards.

And then there is the bigger picture. As cryptocurrencies continue to gain mainstream adoption, it makes our job easier. By offering a genuine, real-world use case that stands up against the competition, we are playing our part in this journey.

It has been a fantastic year for NoLimitCoin Fantasy Sports. Our platform is now fully built out, and the focus is adding players

Rafael Groswirt, CEO, NoLimitCoin

What is next on the roadmap?

The thing we are most excited about is our recently-launched peer-to-peer betting product. Peer-to-peer is essentially an experimental beta product that allows players to bet directly against each other on the outcome of sporting events. You pick an event, the team you want to back and the line, and then challenge a friend to wager against you for an amount of NLC2. What is great is the blockchain does all the work, so there is no central booking platform processing the bet. We see this as an exciting innovation given that the US is still not allowing sports betting on a federal level. Of course, the sports betting sector is the ultimate reward – a $150 billion global industry. We feel this peer-to-peer product could position us well for an eventual move into the space.

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