NoLimitCoin CEO Rafael Groswirt has outlined plans to raise $5 million in capital to supercharge growth.

Going through specific finances in a video, Groswirt showed the amounts allocated to crypto stabilization and liquidity funding, how much would it cost to keep the company running every year, obtaining a state license and naturally – player acquisition.

Out of these sums, Groswirt and his team have allocated the steeper chunk of the investment to player acquisition.

According to the spreadsheet discussed in the video, acquiring a single player costs about $40, when using external means of marketing. As to marketing and affiliates, this value drops to $10 per single player.

In light of these two numbers, NoLimitCoin expects to average $30 per a single customer. All of this amounts to a potential 116,667 players, given the company’s current estimates.

From there on, Groswirt projects that an average user would need $25 to participate, which would in turn amount to $2,916,666.67 as the exact breakdown.

An interesting projection for the NLC2 business is taking into account the average valuation per player. NLC2 will start with around $87 per player annually, juxtaposing these numbers with $187 for one of the largest sports betting companies – DraftKings.

Extrapolating from these numbers, Groswirt then suggests that NLC2 could potentially hit a valuation of $21 million a year, accounting for stock exchange listings and the best possible scenario – i.e. replicating DraftKings’ own return per player.

NoLimitCoin feels confident that the set goals are feasible. Then, Groswirt hypothesizes about the target funding hitting $25 million.

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