NFT project the Meta Super League launches

Metaverse NFT project The Meta Super League has launched to enable investors to build their own billion-dollar sports franchise while investing in their own custom sports team.

Players will have the opportunity to establish their own NFT sports franchise, all the while battling for MetaBowl glory. Meta Super League is aimed at giving franchise owners the chance to enter competitions for prizes.

To commence a franchise, players are required to mint, buy or trade three team Element NFTs, these include team colors, a founding city and a team name.

The Element NFTs should be burned to mint a unique franchise NFT, then, it’s all systems go to battle it out for the prize… and the glory.

During the latter end of January 2022, the Ethereum Network will make 3,000 Element NFT tokens available which will be required to make such franchise tokens. In turn, this will launch the Meta Super League metaverse.

Ten days prior, investors will have the chance to unwrap their Element NFTs. As whitelisting has already commenced on the MSL Discord, it’s been advised not to miss out.

In February, the launch of the decentralized application to create franchise NFTs begins. Players can burn their tokens and receive their franchise. It will be a race to claim, as a total of 1,000 tokens are reportedly available post-burn.

In addition to owning a franchise, those who obtain one will automatically join the Meta Super League decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Ownership of a DAO provides full control of the direction of the project, ensuring it grows within the community itself.

Investors can ease their minds in knowing that the MetaBowl is safe and secure, as security is a crucial word in the NFT space. The project is fully doxxed and all team members and founders can be seen on the Meta Super League website.

As the new worlds of the metaverse slowly appear – quite literally – out of thin air, many are queuing up to buy and invest in virtual land.

The Sin City Metaverse genesis land sale was deemed more than successful selling-out for $3.5m in two hours. The large sums involved reveal that investing in a digital environment, like the metaverse, is provoking much more enthusiasm than expected.

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