NFT influencer loses “life-changing” sum due to Google Ads virus

A virus in Google Ads content has damaged an influencer’s livelihood and spread attacks on others.

An NFT influencer has lost a “life-changing amount”, which he attributed to malware that was hidden in Google Ad content.

The influencer, known as NFT God, said the malware infected their crypto wallet and removed an undisclosed number of NFT tokens.

NFT God discussed the case on Twitter on January 14 and said that the virus had impacted other online accounts.

NFT God explained that their “digital livelihood” was violated and that all their accounts had become the target of the hack, and then used to hurt others.

The influencer detailed how the issue had materialized, saying they had sought to download OBS, popular open-source video streaming software. Instead of clicking on the official website, they clicked on the first result, or in this case a Google Ad.

The influencer soon noticed that their Twitter account was posting phishing messages across their accounts, and quickly pinpointed the originator of the problem.

NFT God also realized that their email had been breached and phishing mails were sent to their 16,000 subscribers.

Their NFT wallet was also compromised and hacked, listed under a completely different owner, the influencer explained.

According to blockchain data, at least $50,000 worth of NFTs were emptied from their wallet, including 19 Ether and a Mutant Ape Yacht Club. However, NFT God also took notice of what happened and talked about security.

They said that they made a critical mistake by entering a seed phrase and transforming his storage method into a de facto hot wallet, which is where hackers have an edge.

Google Ads and sponsored content often appears before the first results of a page, and this is where consumers need to be very careful not to run into trouble.

Crypto scams have been steadily on the increase, another worrying sign in the industry, but even more so knowing that your Google Ads content could be infected by a virus.

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