WINk update highlights mining success

Published May 20, 2020
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WINk has released its report on its April activity, noting several important milestones throughout the period. The company pioneered Binarium and added 40 new slots by Platipus, while also expanding its social media footprint.
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Even though there were slightly fewer drops in the month, the company reported outstanding numbers across the board elsewhere. WINk ran several high-profile events, including a four-day platform wide mining event.

The addition of Platipus slots also led to 14 million spins in April, showcasing massive interest in the offer. While sports betting remained undervalued, the company had the time to complete a review on its offer with the aim of improving it in the coming months.

In terms of social media presence, WINk saw over 6,000 new followers, establishing the project’s staying power.

In mining, the total Buyback amount for the period stood at 408,516,594 WIN and the wager burn pool amount stood at 43,060,975. The combined total amount $WIN burned for April stood at 451,577,569.

WINk also saw multiple events and drops, with five winners each week, as part of WINk’s commitment to redistribute wealth within its community and while also whipping up excitement. Not least, the company acknowledged some difficulties, specifically insofar as the roll out of its new and improved user interface (UI) was concerned.

However, the team was working fully to address and solve that issue, assured in their latest update. April is important for another reason, too, the company said, as it marks the beginning of Q2.

The integration of Poloniex certainly remains one of the main priorities for WINk and the community. Speaking of the exchange, Poloniex just announced a new airdrop campaign by WINk in a tweet.

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