WINk’s token lists as tradeable asset on Poloniex

Updated Apr 27, 2020 | Published Jan 17, 2020
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​WINk’s token has been named as one of the first tradable cryptocurrencies on the Poloniex Exchange, a digital currency exchange marketplace with over 229,000 Twitter followers.
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As a result, the $WIN token will be listed on Poloniex and offer users new ways to trade and exchange the cryptocurrency.

According to an official Twitter statement by Poloniex, $BTT and $WIN are the first assets that will be traded on the exchange. WINk has been similarly very active on social media, cultivating a vibrant user base around itself.

The company launched its sportsbooks platform back on August 26, 2019, and it has since featured a number of sports markets as well as competitive gaming events, such as CS:GO.  WINk has also been following American football, posting daily updates and teasing users to participate in various contests.

Meanwhile, the platform’s offer is quite extensive, featuring a number of dice options, live games, slots, table games, and poker. WINk has also been running a number of promotions and $TRX giveaways in relation to specific sports events, and more specifically football.

Other markets are also very strong, with estimated $1 million wagered on soccer markets every month, according to WINk.

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