Wavesbet launches new McAfee game

Updated Apr 27, 2020 | Published Sep 11, 2019
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Wavesbet has announced the launch of mcafee’s moonshot, a game commemorating the blockchain gaming website’s partnership with john mcafee.
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Earlier in September, Wavesbet announced that it had teamed up with John McAfee, a prominent American-British computer specialist and founder of the eponymous McAfee global security software firm.

The company revealed that Wavesbet will benefit from Mr. McAfee’s understanding of blockchain, without specifying his immediate role in the company or as an advisor. To celebrate the partnership, however, Wavesbet has honored Mr. McAfee with a game of his own. McAfee’s Moonshot is a homage to its protagonist’s quirky personality.

With a clear focus on sending WAVES on the blockchain, Wavesbet will benefit from the insight of McAfee’s vast experience in the field. Presently, Wavesbet operates as a Waves Network gaming platform, which it uses to enable players to make wagers.

As similar initiatives, Wavesbet wants to focus on bringing more transparency in the burgeoning sector of crypto gambling. It’s the company’s belief that using crypto tokens would dispense with the need of using standard AML and KYC practices, making all funds verifiable and public.

McAfee seems to be the right person for the job. A long-term proponent of crypto technologies, McAfee’s attempted more than one ‘moonshots’ in his time. In January 2019, John McAfee fled the U.S. after the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) cited his name in an ongoing investigation. This is not the first time Mr. McAfee has had run-ins with the law when in 2012 he sought political asylum in Guatemala.

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