Wagerr volume topped US$800,000 last week, a new record

Updated Apr 27, 2020 | Published Nov 19, 2019
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Wagerr volumes continue to rise, setting a new record last week with the platform reporting the largest ever amount of WGR bet within seven days.
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The decentralized sports betting platform offered 261 events in total in the course of the week, accepting 10.5 million $WGR – around $800,000 in fiat – in bets. The upshot is the largest trade volume in terms of both WGR and USD to date.

This comprised daily volumes in excess of $100,000 for four of the last five days of the week.

Meanwhile, WGR teamed up with exchange CREX24, where WGR can now be traded for ERC-20 stablecoin USD Coin (USDC). Users will benefit from lower transfer fees as well as quicker processing times.

At time of writing, Wagerr’s market cap stood at $10.7 million.

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