Wagerr update suggests momentum continuing

Updated Jun 19, 2020 | Published Jun 19, 2020
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Wagerr has released its latest update, reporting 259 events in week to 14th July, and a total $69,568 worth of wagers over the period.
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The betting volume reached 2,478,586 in WGR with the net mint/burn amount reported at -122,567 WGR and the biggest burn posted at -60,147 WGR on Julia Avila. The platform’s biggest mint came from an Esbjerg FC game seeing 42,449 WGR taken, and most action was seen on DVT vs Zalaegerszegi TE with 77,571 WGR.

While these results are steadily rising, they do not compare to pre-crisis levels. Yet, this is not entirely in Wagerr’s control as most sports events are still treading cautiously and haven’t relaunched completely. Nevertheless, we have seen some return to normality.

Wagerr continues its buoyant outlook, hoping to boost its results as new sports restart. The platform has been adding a variety of events and expanding into new and exotic markets to sustain its offer, but also safely extending current sport offerings.

Previously, the platform offered zero fee WGR swaps for anyone interested. We have also reported Wagerr’s steadfast climb back up for a while now, and the latest update, while not exceptional is a confirmation that Wagerr’s “new lows,” correspond to a healthy interest for the platform.

Naturally, there have been many other sports betting platforms that have seen some success over the period as well. 1xBit and Cloudbet have both been an indelible part of the blockchain sports betting experience, introducing a variety of new markets to bet on.

Cloudbet used the quiet of the COVID-19 lockdown to usher in a next-generation website and add esports betting markets. In the absence of professional sports, solutions such as competitive video games have become increasingly popular.

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