Wagerr improves UI/UX through Techpad partnership

Updated May 21, 2020 | Published Apr 14, 2020
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Blockchain sportsbook Wagerr has extended its partnership with Techpad to drive better human interaction with improved UI/UX.
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The latest move is an extension of an already existing tie between the companies, with Wagerr and Techpad having started work on the Betsmart app and updated Wagerr Pro in late 2019.

The Betsmart app allows users to tap into collated data in order to make better betting decisions using a friendly and intuitive interface. Meanwhile, Wagerr Pro has received a facelift, focusing on how the solution displays betting states.

Wagerr Pro taps into the same data as Betsmart and further breaks down the info in an accessible and comprehensive manner, including volume distribution, odds history, and other filters.

Wagerr founder David Mah was excited with the deepening partnership, commenting that Techpad has made a great partner:

“We’ve been impressed with the speed at which they bring ideas to fruition. The Betsmart app is a perfect example of what we are working towards with our affiliate program.”

He further said that the company expects more third-party companies to leverage the Wagerr blockchain without its own involvement.

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