Wagerr tops 75m WGR betting handle in five months, targets 100m

Updated Apr 29, 2020 | Published Mar 6, 2019
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Decentralized sportsbook Wagerr (WGR) has said it has topped 75m WGR tokens in bets over the past five months – an amount equal to around $6.2m in fiat currency.
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The impressive turnover since the platform launched last year has seen the token begin to build price momentum. The total market cap of Wagerr was around $10m in mid-December, but today is up 50 percent to $15m.

Total Oracle profit on the 75.2m WGR bet so far is 825,000, according to Wagerr – a margin of around 1 percent.

For major events, Wagerr is now reporting impressive betting volumes. Some 12 hours before kick-off of the Champions League tie between Paris St-Germain and Manchester United, it reported that more than 200,000 WGR had already been bet on the event.

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