Wagerr closes book on BTC halving

Updated May 21, 2020 | Published May 11, 2020
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The blockchain sportsbook recently added a betting market on the specific time of bitcoin’s halving and with it now suspended pending a result, it has published the volume and bet distribution of all wagers.
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Wagerr has diversified into bitcoin market betting with the headline event of the bitcoin halving imminent, taking over 250,000 in WGR on the now-suspended event.

The impressive turnover will be pleasing to the sportsbook as they struggle for sporting content in the current COVID-19 climate, but with such a skewed position on the moneyline in favour of “Before 02:03UTC 12 May 20”, the traders may be hoping for a delayed halving point.

In fact, almost all of the wagers seen on the event came on the halving to be before this specific time, with 426,131 WGR set to be paid out to the winners if that occurs.

39 separate bets were placed on this selection, with just two on the ‘after’. So, if the BTC halving does occur later in the morning on 12 May, the sportsbook is set to come into a significant profit for itself.

Wagerr has recently stated its commitment to improving its platform and gaming offering over the coming months as it looks to finish 2020 in a strong position following a challenging couple of months.

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