Wagerr celebrates first birthday with encouraging numbers

Updated Apr 27, 2020 | Published Sep 17, 2019
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Crypto sports betting site Wagerr has just turned one year old, and its team is looking back at some encouraging achievements of the past 12 months. From releasing a proprietor Electron Wallet to staking millions worth of $WGR, the platform’s betting token, Wagerr has a lot to be proud of.
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Since it launched on September 15, 2018, Wagerr has been ambitiously breaking new milestones. The platform posted the most important results leading up to its anniversary, reporting over $WGR 108 million worth of wagers during the period.

The company managed to implement its first chain game as well as release a dedicated ‘Electron Wallet’ in July 2019. Wagerr has been going strong, paying out some considerable sums in the past 12 months.

One of those highlights was the bet that punters took on Norwich City FC, leading to a massive $WGR 439,000 pay out on September 14. To put things in perspective, Wagerr posted FIAT currency results, equating the weekly total handle to US$ 620,000 wagered every single week.

The biggest amount that was minted in one event was $WGR 465,000 and the most burned on the outcome of a single event was $WGR 250,000, the platform reported in its anniversary update.

An interesting thing to note about the Electron Wallet is that it serves as a betting app that puts the platform on par with many other established names in the betting landscape. The updated UI and overall functionality of the app has allowed users to have access to even more intuitive betting solutions using the $WGR currency.

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