Wagerr adds more soccer and esports

Updated May 26, 2020 | Published May 26, 2020
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Wagerr continues to scale its offer in a world that is returning to some normality. The blockchain-powered sports betting platform has added more leagues; most recently three new soccer championships along with an esports event.
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Moving forward, Wagerr will offer sports bettors the opportunity to punt on the Ekstraklasa, HET Liga and Superligaen. With more sports making a comeback, it’s easy to see why Wagerr is catching up on new events as they become available.

The COVID-19-created vacuum for sports has allowed platforms such as Wagerr to introduce new markets in a controlled environment, giving them plenty of time to catch up on some of the mainstream sportsbooks.

Bundesliga is already back, and La Liga should be restarting on June 8, after the soccer body received a permission to do so from Spain’s prime minister. Previously, Wagerr added The Hungarian Cup and shortly before that, Estonian Football.

Esports has been another pivotal part of the offer, with numerous video gaming markets available. Even though Wagerr’s experience with competitive video games has been limited, the platform has shown strong resilience and an ability to adapt quickly to big market disruptions.

Even today, Wagerr continues with bets on Birmingham 2020, an ESL One organised event which focuses on esports which runs from May 29 through May 31 in an online format. Wagerr hasn’t passed an opportunity to update the community on the last week’s results through May 19, stating that the betting volume’s net worth has been improving.

In the meantime, Wagerr has teased the return of rugby, yet another viable market sports fans can enjoy and bet on. The next weekly update should be coming in several days, giving us a better idea of whether the return of some of the big mainstream sports has helped Wagerr boost its overall sports betting handle.

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