Trump’s bitcoin approach “out-of-touch”

Updated Jun 19, 2020 | Published Jun 19, 2020
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Nigel Green, chief executive and founder of deVere Group, slammed U.S. President Donald Trump’s alleged remarks about bitcoin.
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Mr Green was responding to POTUS’ remark against bitcoin which was documented in former security advisor John Bolton’s book, “The Room Where It Happened.”

In President Trump’s words, the U.S. Treasury Secretary should have “go(ne) after Bitcoin,” with the statement offering no details into what the President meant, Mr Bolton suggested in his book.

What did Mr Trump mean by that, though? Did he suggest better regulation, a clampdown altogether, or introducing a clear-cut taxation framework? In any event, Mr Trump betrayed belligerence which has been a characteristic of his behaviour in office.

Mr Green used robust language to describe POTUS’ latest call for action against bitcoin, styling it as “backward-looking and out-of-touch.” Mr Green has his reasons to believe that the President had indeed tried to step on the toes on bitcoin, moulding his inability to comprehend it into an attempt to shut it down. Here is what Mr Green added:

“It is highly likely that Trump did, indeed, launch an attack on Bitcoin. Last summer, he went on a Twitter tirade lambasting the world's largest cryptocurrency.”

He further said that cryptocurrencies are largely considered “future money” and the mainstream-to-be therefore a threat to established elites who haven’t really had to work for their fortune, as in Mr Trump’s case. Mr Green cut his remarks about the President there, focusing instead on the good that cryptocurrencies have achieved.

“They're also borderless, making them perfectly suited to the world of commerce, trade, and the movement of people,” he concluded.

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