TRON hits 6 million user landmark

Published Jun 1, 2020
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The surge of TRON continues, TRON CEO Justin Sun reported on May 29, releasing a quick tweet capturing yet another milestone for the blockchain.
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As per the figures cited by Sun, TRON’s network has hit 6 million registered emails, yet another major achievement the not-yet-in-his-30s entrepreneur can be proud of. This comes in a context of rapid growth for the dapps hosted on the network, with their numbers now reaching 768 for the week between May 25 – May 31.

With this, the number of daily transactions has also been growing steadily on the platform. TRON transactions hit a total of 813,929 daily, based on information from May 27, 2020. Interestingly, the growth is mostly allocated to the Tron Network dapps rather than the value or price of the assets.

This is understandable, especially after Sun managed to add the TRON blockchain to the Samsung Galaxy Store, enabling developers to explore dapps solutions based on TRON and consolidating the integrity of the blockchain network.

TRON itself has been seemingly everywhere of late, arguably benefitting crypto bettors most of all. The blockchain has seen a significant increase in esports betting activity, and many successful companies and gaming portals today are entirely based on the TRON blockchain, not least WINK.

What sets TRON apart from other cryptocurrencies is its immediate applicability to the gaming and gambling sector, as well as the development of unique dapps that solve specific problems. TRON has established itself as the go-to gaming platform with an estimated 92% of all transactions based on TRON being associated with gambling or gaming.

Sun himself has rebuked these figures, arguing that the percentage of gambling transactions on TRON is in fact much lower. Regardless, with 6 million registered emails, the TRON Network continues to expand and grow.

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