TRON announces 4.0 details

Published Jun 8, 2020
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TRON is close to celebrating its second Independence Day anniversary, a new update posted on the official Tron Foundation Medium blog revealed. The event is scheduled for July 7, 2020. The second era marks the significant progress TRON has seen since it launched on MainNet in June 2018.
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With the release of the newest iteration of the blockchain network, TRON 4.0, the solution will see several pivotal improvements. The Foundation said that they have developed the first smart contract privacy protocol supported by a virtual machine, enabling developers to explore more privacy possibilities while still remaining complaint.

Another important improvement will be the reduction of block confirmation time from three seconds from 57 seconds previously, marking a big leap in development. While TRON has mostly kept to itself, developers have also been able to create a new TICP cross-chain protocol enabling the public to connect with other chains all over the world.

The TronFoundation has also said that they have been able to create a financial and enterprise blockchain solution, leading to further DeFi talk.

TRON 4.0 marks the blockchain network’s mission to become a solution that not only achieves small victories on its own terms, but also creates value for the entire blockchain industry while pioneering new technology.

One of the company’s landmark achievements has been its 6th million user. Meanwhile, TRON apps have been added to the Samsung Galaxy Store, a yet another important milestone for the company.

Not least, gaming companies have been quick to jump on the bandwagon and start adopting TRON solutions. BetFury has been one of the most vociferous supporters of the token, paying back dividends to players at regular basis. is another company to look up, which has been successfully leveraging the TRON blockchain, to spearhead progress. also adopted TRON as a viable payment option, indicating the trust and recognition TRX has achieved even in the gaming sector.

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