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Updated May 21, 2020 | Published May 19, 2020
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As its reputation grows as a blockchain lottery platform, Quanta continues to add top talent to its executive board, announcing the appointment of Stelios P Michaelides as the company’s new Chief Compliance Officer.
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Michaelides steps into the important post and brings expertise to its goal of penetrating both liberal and conservative markets, as well as improving its own offering.

Speaking on the appointment, Quanta CEO Harmen Brenninkmeijer had this to say:

“Stelios has sound judgment and ability to identify and resolve complex issues in a dynamic environment. I am confident that he will further Quanta’s ability to successfully navigate the ever-changing business and regulatory landscapes.”

The official press release pointed out what Michaelides will bring to Quanta, such as his extensive experience with managing stakeholder relationships, as well as building a loyal following and nurturing further business success.

Michaelides’ qualifications continue and spawn executing Change Management techniques, developing cutting-edge account and financial management systems from scratch, and optimizing processes allowing companies to adapt to market changes and transition quickly to any new operating model, not to mention his ability to exceed expectations, the press release read.

Earlier in May, Quanta announced an update on the QNTU price exchange and Swap/Stake extension. Previous appointments within the company include the talents of John Kamara and Ian Sherrington who will be joining as SVP African Operations and Chief Product Officer respectively.

Both executives are an important addition to Quanta’s ambitions to establish itself as a bridge between decentralized products and services, and consumers, through its proprietary software solution – Quanta Pay.

Quanta launched the first licensed blockchain lottery back in 2017, breaking into an exciting new market and establishing a name for itself it has cherished and protected for three years now.

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