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With sports betting coming to a standstill of late, we asked "What are you betting on during lockdown?" earlier this week on Twitter. The results are in and it looks like support for esports betting is backing up the recent hype.

On Monday, we asked Twitter to choose between esports, virtual sports, crypto price movements, or to comment on anything else they may have taken up betting on as sports betting options dry up.

Well, the results are in and esports has come top of the pile with a resounding 47% of the vote. This follows from what we've been hearing from both the community and industry figures. Esports has been primed to go mainstream in sports betting portfolios over the last few years, but it seems as though the COVID-19 pandemic's forcing of sporting event cancellations has been the catalyst it needed to attract new bettors.

We've seen the likes of CloudBet and FortuneJack add esports, both pre-match and in-play for their customers in recent weeks, to much success as well. In fact, research has suggested that esports is set to explode from this initial uptick in the coming years, going from 1.6% to 3.2% of bookmakers' GGR by 2024.

The usual suspects, like Dota 2, CS:GO and League of Legends, seem to be dominating esports wagering, but there's also be a recent surge in popularity for more quickfire titles, such as FIFA and NBA 2K19 face-offs. The former have a far more mature market to utilise, with huge fan followings and sponsorship deals, while the latter have tended to fill sportsbook's live betting content as fast-paced betting events more akin to virtual sports betting.

In fact, virtual sports betting doesn't seem to have picked up in the face of lower sports betting alternatives. It received just 12% of the vote in our poll, perhaps signalling that crypto bettors do prefer betting on the real thing, no matter what sport it is. It could also be implied that players who want to wager on fixed RNGs may have found their betting fix in crypto casino settings.

Crypto price betting has also become more prominent of late, and it appears that it has some popularity with 29% of our voters choosing it. With the ‘bitcoin halvening' happening last week, price speculation was rife. With speculation comes betting opportunities, and sportsbooks such as blockchain platform Wagerr were happy to oblige their customers, albeit taking a monetary hit themselves.

On Twitter, @TheCryptoDon_ even went as far to claim that “predicting crypto prices on a sweet day should get enlisted as a stimulant.” We like the sentiment and can't argue with the fact that crypto price fluctations offer far more excitement than similarly traded markets in the financial sphere.

Thanks to all who voted on this topic over the week, and make sure to follow us on Twitter so you can get involved in our weekly polls and read our daily breaking news.

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Updated May 22, 2020 | Published May 22, 2020

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