Play Royal Adds Ethereum gaming to re-branded platform

Updated May 4, 2020 | Published Sep 9, 2019
Cryptocurrency casino, gaming platform and exchange play royal will now offer ethereum gaming. With this decisive move, the platform becomes the first cross-chain tron casino on the market.
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Developed for Tron blockchain, the recently-rebranded Play Royal platform has just added Ethereum, as the company moves towards a future where it offers all mainstream cryptocurrency options, including BTC and EOS.
The platform has developed an array of entertaining and highly-polished products, to name Texas Hold’em Poker, Dice, Big Wheel, and Blackjack among others. In addition, Play Royal runs its own Reward (RWD) token program, which supports the platform’s multi-tier progression system.
The addition of Ethereum (ETH) has been a big stride towards the ultimate goal of creating a gaming platform that will draw a global audience owing to both accessible products as well as the ability to use a number of popular cryptocurrencies.

Similarly, Play Royal offers a dedicated exchange which will facilitate trade between all featured cryptocurrencies that are part of the gaming experience, i.e. BTC, ETH, and EOS. Achieving the status of the first cross-chain TRON casino is worthy of appreciation as it shows the multi-purposefulness of blockchain-powered products.
Play Royal has been working on upgrading its overall offer. On August 30, the company released a number of changes, including updated leaderboards, leveling information, achievements, rewards and more. Play Royale introduced provably fair games such as Dice, Pinko, and Baccarat.
The term ‘provably fair’ is used in the casino industry to indicate that a product is complaint with regulation and the advertised returns for players are correct.

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