Pioneer Club thanks crypto fundraising efforts

Published May 18, 2020
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Following several weeks of pro-bono action on the part of the crypto community, Pioneer Club has released a “thank you note” to all participants who have helped raise $155,000 for Binance’s poker tournament for COVID-19 relief efforts.
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The company specifically thanked several organizations who have shown interest and determination to keep supporting first respondents in the fight against COVID-19. In breaking down the details, Pioneer Club paid particular thanks to Binance which has matched all donations 2:1.

Pioneer Club also noted contributions from both Satstreet and The Giving Block for pitching in and bolstering the community in time of need. There was also particular thanks to the platform partner,, the respected casino which has issued a call to arms within its community to see loyalty rewards leftovers contributed to the global effort.

Block Works Group has also been recognized as the co-host of the event. The protocol partner was Meet Casper Labs, and Bitcoin Magazine helped with the stream, bringing the event to the community in an accessible form.

Outside the Binance tournament, however, the organization has received generous help from multiple organisations, sending the total amount raised for COVID-19 to $225,000. This milestone, Pioneer Club explained, was achieved in 45 days.

Pioneer Club extended further thanks to over a dozen of featured players who have participated in the poker tournament. The BinanceBCF Poker Tournament has proven a success and with it, both Binance and Pioneer Club may be looking at further charity events. is one of the leading providers of crypto and FIAT gaming products. We have reviewed the casino in detail, along with its full list of features, promotions and available banking methods.

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