Over 900,000 Bethereum Bets Placed as of August, 2019

Updated May 21, 2020 | Published Sep 7, 2019
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Bethereum, a social sports betting project developed on blockchain, has posted its august 2019 recap, indicating strong growth and engagement. Over 900,000 bethereum bets have been placed using the platform so far.
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The community-driven platform marked a number of important milestones in August. First, Bethereum reported a successful entry as a finalist in the CEEGC Awards 2019. CEEGC is an industry expo bringing experts together in a bid to push the boudnaries of the iGaming and online gambling.

Bethereum is fast-approaching an important milestone. Overall, players have placed over 900,000 Bethereum bets as of the time of reporting. The person to place the 1-million bet will receive 50,000 Bether, the namesake cryptocurrency used to place wagers at gaming.bethereum.com.

Meanwhile, the company has been busy. August brought together the Bethereum Core Team for a 10th AMA, a now traditional format for the company. In it, members of the community ask developers questions about the project and pitch their suggestions.

The platform relies exclusively on the community to provide relevant coverage of events. In light of this, Bethereum decided to add American football, as asked for by the community.

Bethereum has focused on several key verticals, offering comprehensive betting options for sports and competitive video gaming. The company is now preparing itself for the upcoming Central European Startup Awards (CESA), which will be held on November 21.

Bethereum has welcomed followers to vote and help the company win the status of the most innovative decentralized sports betting platform. Anyone interested can use the official CESA page to vote.

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