LuckyBit launches real-time Dice

Updated May 17, 2020 | Published May 14, 2020
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LuckyBit is offering winnings of up to 15 BTC in its new dice game launch, which will bring a real-time, interactive element to the crypto classic.
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Based on the popular crypto concept of dice games, LuckyBit asks players to join the game, adjust the risk and size of their bet, and earn a crack at winning 15 BTC.

Commenting on the dice experience at LuckyBit, company co-founder, BinaryFate, said that it was keen to innovate with the format, with its latest dice launch a “game-changer” after a lull in innovation across the industry in the past few years.

BinaryFate also cited the need to continue and innovate the market, such as with the introduction of suspense to the crypto vertical, and thus the need for LuckyBit’s proprietary, improved-upon new dice game.

The game is also a celebratory release to share in the recent Bitcoin Halving, which has sent ripples across the crypto gaming community. LuckyBit will be “rewarding players more than ever” with double deposit bonuses and happy hour giveaways in the coming weeks.

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