Germany nears new igaming framework

Updated May 21, 2020 | Published May 21, 2020
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Germany has submitted its overhauled igaming framework for review to the European Commission. If accepted, the new gaming rules will come into effect on July 1, 2021, potentially benefitting blockchain casinos activity in the country.
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This constitutes the fourth version of the State Treaty on Gambling, and it will need the support of at least 13 of the 16 federal states to be ratified. The State Chancellery of Sachsen-Anhalt must be among the states to ratify the Treaty as the state will host the new regulatory body.

Should everything go according the plan, the igaming and gambling industries in the country will be bound by the new legislation through 2028. There will be some specifics to the Treaty, such as deposit limit for players set at €1,000 and slots limited to €1 per spin, while there would also need to be a five-second delay between spins.

The Treat will similarly extend to sports betting and other products, including poker games, and there should be no reason for crypto casinos and blockchain betting platforms not to benefit as well. In fact, any move to regulate out of grey and into white will benefit crypto casinos who have their own responsible gaming tools in place.

Fees will be based on each operator’s own turnover. For example, if an operator is generating up to €40 million, they will have to pay a fee equal to 2% of the stakes. If the company is generating between €40 million and €65 million, the fee will be a flat amount worth €80,000 plus 1.6% of all stakes.

If the company is even bigger, and generates €130 million, a flat fee of €185,000 will be forwarded to the regulator with an additional 0.6% fee on stakes. All operators will be bound by social concepts in which they aim to protect players from falling victim to problem gambling and other unwanted effects of gambling.

There have been some issues with the original passing of the Treaty, but these seem to have been rectified.

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