Gaming will be blockchain’s ‘killer app’, says TRON Foundation

Updated Apr 29, 2020 | Published Mar 27, 2019
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Gaming will be a killer application for blockchain, the TRON Foundation has said as TRON-based gambling websites such as continue to post impressive volumes
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The TRON Foundation made the comments on Twitter, where it added that it was focused on building infrastructure, developer tools, and a community of developers who will make this vision come true.

Gaming with TRON (TRX) has exploded in recent weeks, proving to be one of the first, genuine, real-world use cases for cryptocurrencies.

Leading TRON-based gambling websites, including, are already attracting more than 2,500 daily users, according to data DappRadar.

At time of writing, has processed a remarkable 146.8m TRX ($3.4m) in bets in the last 24 hours. Its seven day total betting volume is in excess of 1.5 billion TRX, or $35.3m.

Earlier this month, cryptocurrency developer Vance Spencer estimated that is making an estimated $75,000 – $150,000 profit per day.

The website allows its users to gain from these profits; by wagering TRX, players gradually gain ANTE tokens. These ANTE tokens entitle users to a share of’s profits.


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