FunFair Wallet opens to third-party dapps

Updated Jun 29, 2020 | Published Jun 29, 2020
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FunFair Technologies has released an update on the improvements it has introduced to its dedicated FunFair Wallet, while also stating that it will now look to open the wallet to third-party dapp integrations.
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The new version of the FunFair Wallet coincides with the original intention of the developers to provide consumers with a simple, easy-to-use, and yet comprehensive tool. The update, which will officially roll out next week as per the company’s statement, focuses on driving further player adoption and making them part of the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

FunFair Technologies stated the amount of work that has gone in preparing the update, citing the in-depth research the company conducted to create a solution that consumers genuinely need.

The first step was to improve the user interface (UI). Navigation has been simplified to include “Deposit FUN”, “Buy FUN with Crypto”, or “Buy FUN with Debit/Credit Cards”. FunFair hopes this will provide consumers with a simpler, streamlined experience.

The company has also deepened its integration with UniSwap, which will facilitate users interested in converting ETH to FUN. As the developers have said, the conversion is now carried out within the wallet without the need to use third-parties.

To make sure the solution is understandable to all, FunFair has decided to introduce new Help sections that developers hope will help consumers find answers to specific queries that have kept coming up.

Community members will have noted that the wallet is to now allow third-party dapps to integrate the FunFair Wallet into their own ecosystems, something FunFair previously opposed. However, in the changing landscape of crypto gambling, FunFair feels confident to try a broader approach.

This will be positive news to some who see the commercial benefits from potential dealers, as well as the widening of the FUN token and FunFair ecosystem. No partners have been announced to date, but the language in the release seems to imply that conversations are moving along.

The company already powers several casinos, including CasinoFair, Casino Fair and Crypto Casino.

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