FunFair features in crypto retrospective documentary

Updated May 5, 2020 | Published May 4, 2020
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Decentralised casino supplier FunFair Technologies has starred in the New Kids On The Blockchain’s documentary which looks back at the cryptocurrency scene of the last three years, speaking to both Jez San OBE and Jeremy Longley about the project and the challenges they’ve faced during the period.
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​The feature length retrospective, titled on YouTube as “A Savage Journey To The Heart of Crypto And The ICO”, has been in development over the last few years and follows the story of the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and various Ethereum ICO projects as they emerged out of the crypto-boom and into the ‘crypto winter’.

FunFair Technologies is one of the ICOs that the filmmakers followed, with founders Jez San OBE and Jeremy Longley interviewed at various points through the company’s development.

San initially commented on the strengths of the blockchain for the gambling use case, while later touched on the issues that have come from weak regulation and the challenges with managing a runway post-ICO.

Jeremy Longley, as CTO of FunFair, spoke more about the technical side of the business and argued that the team has developed a way of opening up the casino’s black box with the blockchain, allowing players to see what is happening at partner casinos such as CasinoFair.

Various prominent figures in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space contributed to the documentary, including ‘bitcoin Jesus’ Roger Ver, John McAfee, Pillar CEO David Siegel, Mattereum co-founder Vinay Gupta, and claimant to be ‘the’ Satoshi Nakamoto, Dr Craig S. Wright.

The film was directed by Ashley Pugh and produced by Lisa Downs, and you can view the ‘New Kids On The Blockchain’s film on their YouTube channel.

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