Edgeless releases 11th game, Casino War

Updated May 4, 2020 | Published Sep 26, 2019
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Edgeless is back with a new crypto game, Casino War. Styled after the popular card game by the same name, Edgeless is taking players on a trip ‘down memory lane,’ as the company puts it.
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‘Casino War’ employs the same concept as does the classic card game, making it easy for users to pick up the rules. According to Edgeless, the game emulates a lot of the most popular casino games with none of the complexity. War resembles blackjack, the official statement says. Both the player and the dealer will receive a card each and the side with the strongest card will win, confirmed Edgeless co-founder Tomas Draksas.

Edgeless has been focusing on accessibility and ease of use. ‘Casino War’ is the 11th proprietor gaming product developed by the team. As a platform, Edgeless is focused on making gambling fun while merging it with a crypto token that allows quicker and safer pay-outs.

The platform uses the namesake EDG cryptocurrency to settle payments. Boosting accessibility has been a priority, as revealed by a recent UI/UX update earlier this month. Edgeless has been revving up various activities across its social media channels to help boost awareness for the platform.

On September 24, the company revealed a jackpot initiative which would fetch winners up to 20,000 EDG. In its August update, the company spoke about the challenges it face and how the team has been working hard on boosting engagement.

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