Crypto Poker Club Group showcases pioneering randomness tech

Updated Jun 12, 2020 | Published Mar 16, 2020
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Pioneering Crypto Poker Club Group is successfully tackling the issues with pseudo-randomness in the traditional online poker space with its proprietary Triple-Factor Random Number Generator solution.
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Crypto Poker Club Group, one of the few live poker offerings leveraging blockchain technology successfully, has outlined its solution to pseudo-randomness flaws that have marred the digital poker space in recent years in a technical white paper.

The group point out the major issues that come with the random number generators used in the majority of online poker offerings, namely that they are not actually random and are also predictable. This is obviously a significant flaw when you look at the need for neutrality when it comes to drawing from a deck of cards in poker, for example.

To rectify this and give their players a peace of mind, Crypto Poker Club Group has introduced its Triple-Factor Random Number Generator (TFRNG) which combines a hardware RNG with immutable blockchain technology to output accurate randomness that a software-based system, the current industry standard, would not be capable of.

Crypto Poker Club Group showcases pioneering randomness tech

Unique to this solution is the use of multiple ‘shuffling’ methods including a quantum element which quantifies the unpredictable movement of light and real-time bitcoin blockchain hashes. The end result, Crypto Poker Club Group claims, “is a continuously shuffled deck that is generated randomly through infinite unknown variables and has a 0% chance of predictably.”

In terms of the benefit to players, this should mean fewer bad beats, fewer ‘coolers’ and less frequent extreme deal scenarios. Outside of randomness, player funds are also protected offline in multiple wallets and the group has introduced various pioneering measures to deter bot interference and collusion.

Put together, Crypto Poker Club Group are leading the way in creating a fairer, more enjoyable poker experience which is available to players now on both Windows and Android.

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