Coingaming Group CEO ups VIP commitment during pandemic

Updated May 21, 2020 | Published Apr 27, 2020
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Speaking at the SBC Digital Summit, Coingaming CEO Tim Heath, stated his plan to up involvement with VIP players during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
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Heath commented that the increase in regulatory and media scrutiny prompted the company to increase its involvement with players.

With many sports on hiatus, Heath also said that the Coingaming Group, operators of, was interested in nurturing and establishing new relations with consumers across multiple verticals that are now gaining in popularity, such as esports, poker and virtual races.

“We’ve upped our communication with our players and our VIPs. We want to let them know its [sic] business as usual during this period. We hold tournaments and have a bit of banter with the VIPs,” Heath added.

Heath also clarified how the company has been coping with the lack of sports event, replacing the segment almost entirely with esports football and cricket, as well as exploring other alternative markets.

Ultimately, Heath said that the company wanted to keep customers happy and a key aspect of this is staying in touch with bettors. He also took a question on whether COVID-19 could serve as the catalyst of a broader change in the industry whereby companies would transition to a home/remote office.

Heath was sceptical of the idea, cautioning that workers would “lose the social interaction, the water cooler moments and the culture of the company.”

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