WINk’s May update highlights security

Published Jun 19, 2020
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The WINK 2020 May Update is out and brings important developments. The update focuses on internal and external events from last month, offering a mention of each platform-impacting occurrence.
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WINk reported an average APR for $WIN token of 25% in May. It also saw slightly fewer WIN DROPS compared to April, however, with 1,850 TRX in April and 1,292 TRX in May. A slump was observed as well in LIVE DROPS.

In the update, WINk reminded that Live and Dice tokens are currently only awarded for playing the games in the relevant sections on the official website. The lower APR percentage has been explained with players turning a steady stream of winnings in May, with millions of TRX going out to players who have opted into DICE, MOON and RING games.

WINk also secured two important developments adding around 50 new slots from two developers, BetSoft and Playson. And touching on security, WINk stressed how important that aspect of the overall experience was for the platform.

WINk explained that the team might need to extend certain transactions and insisted on anonymity when it came to how transactions are vetted, citing security reasons.

WINk also said that there are still some restrictions around sports betting. The platform is having issues with parlay suspensions but is looking to rectify this.

The platform further cautioned against abuses on the part of stakeholders or exploiting weaknesses, arguing that such actions would be punished. Lastly, WINk thanked the community for the support that had been extended to it.

For the full WINk update, you may visit the official blog post. We recommend that you take a look at our dedicated WINk guide and then claim your exclusive CGN bonus.

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