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Updated Jun 30, 2020 | Published Jun 30, 2020
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WINk.org has allowed players to try out its new, more traditional looking website in beta. While the emphasis on dice and moon games has been high so far, in the latest update, WINk has adopted a slightly more conventional approach to gaming verticals.
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The website has changed significantly from the previous version with the overall layout more akin to what players may find at other online casinos. The main games, as WINk.org continues to refer to them, remain Moon and Dice, as well as poker and a sportsbook.

These verticals are slightly more accessible to a consumer who may not be entirely familiar with pure blockchain gaming. The website now features a central panel in which the main promotions are included, although right now this understandably just includes two banners.

On scrolling down, it’s easier to see WINk.org’s existing licensing agreements with both Costa Rica and Gaming Curacao, giving new players more peace of mind.

The platform features multiple TRON and blockchain-powered games, as well as traditional solutions by NetEnt, Microgaming, GameArt, and VIVO Gaming, which are more prominent than the previous layout.

Another difference of note is a more visible ‘WINDROPS’ button in the menu, with WINk looking to continue its acquisition of players as a stakers.

The site, tron.wink.org, is arguably more user friendly in the sense it offers more information quickly and resembles a traditional online casino, with the previous version of the website feeling more compact and dapp-like.

Crypto Gambling News has previously reviewed WINk.org and we awarded the TRON blockchain gaming solution a 93/100 rating.

With the latest update of the website, however, WINk.org looks to be targeting a different kind of player, as well as current TRON users. By creating a more familiar interface, less tech-savvy patrons can now explore the power of the blockchain should they wish to do so in a less intimidating environment.

Ultimately, WINk.org is looking to bring more people over to the TRON blockchain gaming ecosystem.

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