CasinoFair launches latest Moon Racer promo

Updated Jun 10, 2020 | Published Jun 10, 2020
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The eighth instalment of CasinoFair’s smash-hit promo Moon Racer has launched. It’s time for players to join ‘The Search for Simona’ and potentially land a huge FUN prize.
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The CasinoFair promotion is set against Gargantua, a massive blackhole that distorts players perception of time and space. Yet, cadets, as CasinoFair refers to players in this exciting, galactic promotion, will have a fixed two weeks to spin, roll and win their way to supermassive crypto riches.

There is more. The Captain Log specifically asks players to examine the cosmic rays that were bombarding racers in Moon Racer 7. These rays, the log says may help players find all the answers they need.

These rays originate from an asteroid, Simona, which lies beyond the asteroid belt, and that requires skilled crew members to trace down this phenomenon.

Players can enlist in the promotion between June 5 – 14, with the Search for Simona campaign kicking off on June 15.

Racers who join the event before the 15th and wager 5,000 FUN will receive three tickets for the final draw, while those who wager 100,000 FUN will get five tickets. Racers who participated and placed Top 5 in previous events or won the progressive pot in Moon Racer 7 will unfortunately have to sit this one out until next time.

The promo promises a massive 2.5 million FUN prize pool for players, of which there are now over 4,000 registered. The top 10 spots in the leaderboard will claim the lion’s share of the pot, with the top bettor scooping up 750,000 FUN.

CasinoFair, powered by FunFair Technologies, has been running numerous iterations of the Moon Racer promotion in the past, offering various rewards and incentives for players to participate.

Its latest promo follows up with another massive reward, not to mention the progressive pot leaderboard which will equate to 200,000 FUN + 0.75% of the total betting pool for the promo.

You can read through terms and conditions and specifics of the mega FUN prizes on heading over to premium blockchain casino CasinoFair’s website.

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