CasinoFair premiers innovative new game, Fun Mountain

Updated May 4, 2020 | Published Jan 17, 2020
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CasinoFair has announced the launch of Fun Mountain, a western-styled adventure game developed by FunFair Technologies.
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In true innovative fashion, CasinoFair’s latest arrival is a significant improvement on the traditional casino experience.

For months now FunFair, has been developing a string of innovative products and provably fair, blockchain-focused gaming solutions. Each game has been an opportunity to break away from the mundane gaming experience and transition into a new realm of excitement and fun altogether.

In Fun Mountain, you have to push a miner’s cart all the way to the top of a mountain. The game mechanic is slightly different then a reel-slot, and you get to roll the dice to push the cart forward. The levels are sprinkled with springboards that can help you jump on a higher level without having to complete a full trip.

Watch out, though, because if you step over a TNT, you might just end up a few levels below! The goal is to make it to the mountain’s top, and from thereon, the sky’s the limit. Your total wins will know no boundaries.​

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