CasinoCoin price surges more than 200 percent in a week

Updated Apr 29, 2020 | Published Apr 27, 2019
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The price of CasinoCoin has surged more than 200 percent in the last seven days, with its $CSC coin now challenging FunFair’s $FUN as the most valuable gambling-focused altcoin by market cap.
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CasinoCoin has been trading as high as 16 sats on exchanges including STEX at time of writing, giving the coin a market cap of $31 million – not far off FunFair’s $34.7 million market cap.

Just one week ago, CasinoCoin was trading at an implied market cap of around $9 million, marking a roughly 250 percent return for those holding the coin.

At time of writing, CSC was listed at number 7 on’s list of highest gainers, and was the 135th most valuable cryptocurrency listed on the site.

The surge has been accompanied by a significant increase in volume, with around $350,000 in CSC traded over the past 24 hours.

The CasinoCoin Foundation recently added Richard Cammegh, managing director of roulette wheel manufacturer Cammegh, to its advisory board as part of a strategic commitment to introduce blockchain technology to casino floors.

CasinoCoin is built with the regulated online casino industry in mind, with a set of features and tools customised to meet the needs of users, operators and regulators.

It operates its own blockchain, which uses a modified version of the Ripple code.

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