CasinoCoin previews new custom token, GAME.FUND Gold

Updated Apr 29, 2020 | Published Jun 26, 2019
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CasinoCoin has previewed a new custom token that is launching on its blockchain, a decentralized public gaming community token known as GAME.FUND Gold.
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In a statement on Discord and an update video on YouTube, CasinoCoin said that it was currently rolling out a new daemon, token wallet and explorer, with the new token “in the process of launching” on its blockchain.

But it added that while it was providing software for the project, the GAME.FUND team itself would be announcing a full launch in the coming weeks.

GAME.FUND is described on its website as a blockchain-based global decentralized public gaming community.

GAME.FUND Gold is the second custom token announced by CasinoCoin, following Cammegh Token in May.

In a recent blog post, CasinoCoin outlined its vision for custom tokens, saying they were a way to build its technology “into the wider gaming infrastructure”, adding that the tokens will drive “high volumes of activity” on the CasinoCoin blockchain.

CasinoCoin was trading up 15 percent at time of writing, for a market cap of around $39 million.

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