Bitcoin ATM’s hit 8,000 worldwide

Updated Jun 18, 2020 | Published Jun 17, 2020
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Bitcoin’s popularity as a payment method on the high street continues to soar, new data gathered and processed by AksjeBloggen indicated.
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According to the research, the number of bitcoin ATMs around the world has increased up by 150% in just two years, with the number of such machines reaching 8,000 today.

The biggest surge arrived in 2020 when the number of ATMs supporting bitcoin transactions went from the rather modest 6,352 ATMs to the whopping 8,000 as of June 2020. In other words, the total number of machines increased by 1,713 between January and June.

In 2016, there were merely 500 Bitcoin ATMs around the globe with many doubting the practicality of such machines in the first place. In January 2017, the number reached 964 marking a steady, albeit still dubious increase in the scale of something without any real-world implication yet.

And in 2020, the figures show that Bitcoin ATMs have consistent demand, suggesting that the original cryptocurrency is becoming prevalent in day-to-day use.

Not surprisingly, most of the machines are operating in the United States, with some 5,931 ATMs now supporting bitcoin operations. Canada now has 731 crypto ATMs, or nearly 10% of the total share.

European countries are falling behind, though, as the number of bitcoin ATMs is just 1,147 on the continent, but still represents 14.2% of the global market.

The availability of more crypto ATMs, though, makes it very possible for BTC casino players to transfer their funds to more daily activities. And with an increase in the number of debit cards that support cryptocurrencies, crypto casinos such as Bitcasino and 1xBit will likely see more traffic in their directions.

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