BetProtocol announces progress with new client signings

Updated May 4, 2020 | Published May 1, 2020
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BetProtocol has updated its community on client signings, claiming it has 10 new companies ready to go live with their products over the next few months.
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The company has called sales as one of its most important priorities for the year, and 2020 – a key year insofar as BetProtocol will be actively looking to scale its sales strategy, as well as improve on inbound and outbound marketing.

BetProtocol has been using a mix of measures to drive results, including direct-sales, social media interactions, cold contacts and affiliate partnerships, the company’s official blog post said. The current client pipeline, as reported by the company consists of:

  • Phase 1: Negotiation: 30+ qualified leads
  • Phase 2: Signing: 10 clients
  • Phase 3: Licensing: 4 clients
  • Phase 4: Ready to go live: 2 clients

The uptick in new clients will directly lead to better demand for the proprietor $BEPRO currency as BetProtocol requires that $BEPRO is spent as gas when staking. Recently, the company also launched its first gaming platform, and before that – its first social casino offering.

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