Bethereum delivers successful pitch at HYPE, NY

Updated Apr 27, 2020 | Published Sep 24, 2019
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Blockchain betting platform Bethereum has landed an important distinction at the HYPE Sports Innovation 2019 expo, winning ‘Best Pitch Award.’ The company’s CEO, Giacomo Tognoni spoke in front of key leaders in the esports and blockchain industries, presenting the platform in North America.
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Speaking at the New York-based event, Mr. Tognoni had an opportunity to communicate Bethereum’s mission. HYPE, which is considered the leading sports blockchain accelerator network, gathers some of the best blockchain, sports and esports professionals.

As a result, the team behind Bethereum is hoping that, having delivered a successful pitch, the company would be able to benefit from the extensive resources of the network and the professionals involved in it.

Meanwhile, the company made another headline as, on Thursday, September 19, Bethereum took part in the CESAwards, part of the Global Startup Awards (GSA), and won as the Best Blockchain Startup of the Year. All of this is not at all surprising giving the recent track record of the company.

With the platform continuous innovation and expansion, Bethereum has been able to establish a recognizable social media footprint and a steadfast following around itself.

What’s Do the Awards Mean for the Company?

The recent awards will help bolster the company’s footprint and establish it as a credible blockchain player. Both awards have been voted by a panel consisting of professionals from across different industries.

Bethereum noted that new investor opportunities may become available as a result of its boost in popularity. The company is now headed for the Malta Gaming Awards. Once again, the startup thanked the community and encouraged fans to assist the company and nominate it for the upcoming Malta Gaming Awards held on November 26.

As a reminder, Bethereum recently introduced American Football betting markets, allowing fans to place wagers on both the National Football League (NFL) and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) football games.

With almost a year since Bethereum launched its loyalty program, things are looking good for this blockchain sportsbook.

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