BankRoll Network launches new Luck game

Updated Apr 27, 2020 | Published Sep 24, 2019
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The BankRoll Network has launched its latest iteration of the Luck BNKR game. By adding referrals in the so-called Buddy Network, you will receive better mining bonus synergies and find an incentive to mine BNKR.
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The game allows you to gain up to 25% mined BNKR bonus which is calculated on your Credits deposit size, plus the mining difficulty for the BNKR cryptocurrency. Essentially, Luck is an interconnected game that needs players to continue moving forward. Your ‘Lucky number,’ as the platform puts it, is determined by the person who rolls before you.

The platform advertises this interconnectivity as an everyone-wins-situation whereby the fact that you roll before another person doesn’t come out at your expense. By playing Luck, you continue to add more BNKR. The company claims that this system of mutual incentives to continue mining is raising the value of the cryptocurrency, i.e. BNKR, which in turn would bring better value to customers.

The game allows you to rake up credits as it serves as a ‘by-box’ to the credits exchange that earns you bonus BNKR. The concept here is that a customer would want to commit more time staking TRX to convert them into BNKR early on, before the cryptocurrency becomes too difficult to mine due to higher trade volume and higher energy demand.

The official Tweet described the latest iteration of the Luck game as a ‘basic income’ solution that would help you build up your bankroll in BNKR by staking TRX.

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