Ayre Group seeks blockchain gaming investment opportunities

Updated May 21, 2020 | Published Apr 14, 2020
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The Ayre Group is scoping out blockchain gaming technology for investment opportunities, with those looking to collaborate asked to send the group an investment pack.
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The Ayre Group, associated with gaming mogul Calvin Ayre, is already a key investor to companies developing solutions on Bitcoin SV, with it being one of the few functional, scalable blockchains suitable for gaming tech.

Due to its streamlined structure, the Bitcoin SV blockchain has unlimited scalability, accepting hundreds of thousands of bets without glitch or lag. The tech further allows you to recover and identify any sports bet or casino stake, offering regulators and commercial operators an insight into blockchain gaming as it happens.

Speaking on the occasion of pursuing further investment opportunities, Calvin Ayre, said:

“I was there when the online gaming industry was created. I see the same thing happening with the original Bitcoin BSV ecosystem, but even more significant and with a massively positive impact on society.”

Ayre confirmed that blockchain and bitcoin in particular would have a positive effect on every aspect of people’s lives, and he was particularly happy to be able to push forward the technology in his own area of expertise, online gambling.

The Ayre Group is interested in companies that have demos and an action plan with all they need to realise their project is cash influx.

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