Atari makes move into blockchain gaming

Updated May 21, 2020 | Published Mar 19, 2020
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Atari has sent ripples through the blockchain gaming space with its announcement to launch a blockchain casino and proprietary cryptocurrency.
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The Atari Group, now operating as a subsidiary of Atari Interactive, owned by Atari, SA has made the bold decsion to break into the blockchain gaming space according to a recent press release.

The release revealed that in 2018, the Group had decided to commission Infinity Networks, Ltd (“INL”) to embark on a blockchain gaming project. The project was designed to combine an exclusive cryptocurrency referred to as the Atari Token and the further development of a “decentralized platform giving access to all forms of digital entertainment.”

However, the group’s first foray into blockchain didn’t turn out as hoped, leading to a termination of the project and division of the group with two separate directions.

ICICB Group Take Over Infinity Networks

Atari has now signed a partnership with the ICICB Group, which will take care of the blockchain project and start realising the Atari Token. Building on past success, Atari will also release a Pong Token, a throwback to the 1972 namesake game which has proven a timeless success.

It also believes that the time of “online casinos playable with cryptocurrencies” has come, with the group aiming to stay true to video gameplay where possible.

Atari, SA CEO, Frédéric Chesnais, was quoted as saying:

“The area of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is of significant interest to us, especially in the domains of the video game industry and of online payments.”

Atari is now a far cry from the gaming powerhouse it used to be, but launching a new venture in the crypto space would be interesting to behold and will surely be a huge draw to its legions of fans, past and present.

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