New Bitcoin Casinos

New Bitcoin casinos are quite popular and common these days. There are new websites appearing almost every month, but finding the best new Bitcoin casinos for you is something that will take some research, a bit of tact, and ultimately – the help of expert reviewers who know what to look for in a new casino. 

Although the process of finding a new BTC casino can be a bit of a challenge, it can also be greatly rewarding. New casinos are designed to be more welcoming, offer bigger bonuses, and feature some innovative games and features. 

Today, we take a look at some of the best new BTC gambling sites that offer you a variety of gaming products, tournaments, promos, and virtually anything you can wish for. 

Best New Bitcoin Casinos 

Here you will find several new BTC casinos that are deemed safe, fun, and accessible to all players, no matter what your bankroll is or what particular game or experience you are looking for. You may find out more about each of these casino brands by reading our reviews. 


How to Find the Best New Bitcoin Casinos

There are several easy ways to quickly run through a new Bitcoin casino and decide if it’s worth playing there. Usually, the best way is to trust a review service, such as CryptoGamblingNews. We will happily point you in the direction of the best new BTC gambling sites.

If you prefer to look a bit for yourself or just try and catch yourself up on some important aspects of reviewing new Bitcoin casinos, here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to do it. 

Who Owns the Casino

New Bitcoin casinos are not just the brands – they are the companies that run them. Many of these companies will be established entities, but some will be brand new. What this means is that it’s always worth looking into who owns a particular Bitcoin casino – new or established for that matter.

You can quickly check additional information about the company, such as where it is based if there have been good or bad media reports, and if that company also runs other brands. If so, how successful, and honest are those brands? Checking the owner of a new Bitcoin casino is definitely the place to start. 

What Do People Say

When a Bitcoin casino arrives on the market for the very first time, the quickest way to find out about it is through word of mouth. Player feedback can be quite useful, as players will share what they think about specific Bitcoin casinos. Usually, the positive reviews are those that seem to give a good overall summation – of what is good, but a more balanced review is usually the best value one. 

Negative reviews can sometimes hit the mark as well – especially if there are repeated glaring issues that are easy to check and verify. Sometimes, though, reviews can be quite biased so they need to be taken with a grain of salt when applied to the hunt for a new Bitcoin casino. 

What Does the BTC Casino Offer

To get a better idea of what is in for you, you need to take a harder look at the BTC Casino’s offer. This means that a good new casino will bring quite a few features for you to explore. For starters, new casinos try to stand out by virtue of their games. This is why they feature if not more games, then at least more innovative ones.

Blockchain-powered or inspired titles such as Crash and Plinko should definitely be part of the offer as well as Dice games. There are also other titles that you can explore here as well, including Live Casino Games, Game Shows, Slots, Table Games, and more. Gamification options at new Bitcoin casinos are quite exciting as well, as you can pick from tournaments and special promos, loyalty programs, and other ways to increase your value from the casino.

Reviewing the full offer of a casino in its entirety is important as it allows you to get an idea of what is next. 

How Is Customer Support

Customer support is another important and relevant factor when it comes to choosing a Bitcoin casino site to try and play at. Customer support needs to be there for you when you need it, provide you with all the information you may want to find out about the casino and be suave and helpful. Many new Bitcoin casinos tend to save up on their customer support, which is just bad form, but it’s also indicative of a casino’s long-term prospects and ambitions.

That is why we value good customer support at a new Bitcoin casino. If a new brand has invested enough in making sure its customer care agents are useful and helpful, this means that the casino has long-term ambitions and wants to be seen as a serious player in the crypto gambling market. 

Is Banking Easy and Simple

New Bitcoin casinos should make the onboarding process as simple and easy as possible. This means that they would need to create a simple step-by-step banking process. To achieve this, many newly-established BTC gambling sites would use not just Bitcoin and crypto wallets, but also conversion services.

These conversion services are very intuitive and allow players to quickly onboard themselves onto the casino by paying in FIAT currency and having their money automatically converted into BTC. This is a quick way to introduce players to Bitcoin casinos, and most people who are new to this type of casino agree that they enjoy the measures a lot. 

New Bitcoin casinos will also make sure that they offer swift banking options as well. This means that you can deposit and withdraw from a casino quickly and without extra hassle. Many players prefer instant withdrawals, too, and a good number of new BTC casinos are actually offering these options as well now!

Advantages of Choosing New Bitcoin Casinos

There are several reasons why you may consider picking a new Bitcoin casino over an established one. Here, we will address some of the upsides of sticking with fresh crypto casinos, although you still need to remember – you must find a licensed and trusted casino before you play. Let’s take a look. 

Fast Access to Great Games

New Bitcoin casinos will provide you with a number of excellent opportunities for you to enjoy, and this is mostly owing to the fact that in order to differentiate their offer, fresh casinos need to really step up their efforts. Players who are keen to expand the games they have access to will definitely be tempted by the online games offered at these fresh gambling sites.

This does not mean that every new BTC casino is covered in fresh and innovative games, but the fact is that most do try to introduce you to some excellent games that you may not necessarily find as often. Crash, Plinko, and Hi-Lo titles are just some of the possible options you can explore yourself, along with many BTC games that have been designed to be played with Bitcoin as the main betting currency for one. 

A Variety of Unique Promotions

There are plenty of excellent promos to go around at most new Bitcoin casinos. These bonuses are tailored to the needs of players, and can often apply to more innovative games, such as the crash-style titles that have become so popular with BTC gambling sites. Some bonuses will even cover the available Dice games in the portfolio, giving you, even more, incentive to try.

New Bitcoin casinos generally offer better bonuses and make it easier for you to sift through all your favorite gaming options at your own leisure and with a great bonus by your side. The wagering requirements are usually lower and the general terms and conditions are usually bigger. New casinos may often provide you with free spins and no-deposit bonuses that you can claim and use as you see fit. 

Loyalty Programs That Are Unmatched

There has been a huge change in the way we experience loyalty programs not just at regular casinos, but especially at new BTC casinos. The loyalty experience is an unobtrusive addition to the general promotions where the more you play, the higher up the levels you will end up climbing. 

These levels are different for all casinos, but they usually feature some distinct perks – you may access a cashback bonus, get some free spins upon unlocking a certain level, and even more. The dynamic of loyalty programs has been changing rapidly and Bitcoin casinos are some of the best examples of how you can benefit from outstanding experiences across the board by simply picking a new BTC casino. 

New Casinos vs Established Ones

There are naturally those of you who will ask – why bother with a casino that has not been established yet? Well, the advantages of playing at Bitcoin casinos have been defined, but there are certainly some other things that you may want to consider. As we have already covered some of this, new Bitcoin casinos will usually feature better and bigger bonuses.

This includes no deposit options that you can use to try the casino, as every new brand is keen to show you as much of its product as it can. New casinos also tend to be cutting-edge; they seek out the best market technologies and platforms and benefit from innovation in a way that is harder for established casinos.

For one, established casinos have to migrate huge volumes of data and games and that’s easier said than done. New Bitcoin casinos also tend to be better designed. They have learned from heat maps and Google searches, for example, and know where the customers are clicking when they exit the sites due to bad design, and how to improve existing navigation.

These things may seem too small to matter, but they matter big time. Of course, there are some drawbacks to going through with such a casino. New Bitcoin casinos, for example, may have some bugs that have not yet been caught. They are unestablished and some of them may turn out to be rogue operators. 

This last bit is not too worrying if you are using a comprehensive service that can help guide you towards the best properties on the market. For example, CryptoGamblingNews runs extensive testing of all Bitcoin casinos before we add them to our list and our reviews are based on our own opinion of a casino.

New casinos may not always provide you with as many games as suppliers also don’t want their products to appear on websites that are not 100% legitimate and fair to customers. With this in mind, it’s down to each player to decide if they want to try their hand at a new online casino that accepts Bitcoin.

What Bonuses Are There at New BTC Casinos

There are many different bonuses you can try at newly-established Bitcoin casinos. We will give you a quick rundown of what to expect and how these bonuses look. Here it is:

Welcome bonus: The welcome bonus is a bit of a classic with a promo of anything between 1 BC and 5 BTC, along with free spins. 

No deposit bonuses: The no deposit casino bonus is another popular treat that you will find at Bitcoin casinos, especially the new ones. The bonus lets you scout out the available options at each casino as you see fit. 

Free spins bonuses: Free spins are another popular option at Bitcoin casinos. You will be granted these credits to try particular or specific slots that the casino will specify in the conditions.

All in all, these bonuses are nothing new per se, but they often come with much more favorable conditions, making them accessible and worthwhile. Players can discover a variety of other bonuses as well, including the VIP and loyalty programs we have already mentioned and those are some of the most sought-after promotions as well. 

Licensing and New Bitcoin Casinos

To find out if a new Bitcoin casino holds a license, all you need to do is check the footer of the page. There, the casino should display the badge of the regulator that has licensed it – this could be Curacao, the MGA, or some other regulator. The badge can be verified at the regulator’s website, so if you are keen to do just a bit more digging, you can always see if a casino is licensed and regulated. Although some casinos operate without licenses, they are still safe and respected properties. On balance, though, it pays off to stick with regulated casinos. 

Final Word on New Bitcoin Casinos 

Much like all other types of casinos, new Bitcoin casinos are also websites that will undergo constant changes. Some of them will be for the better, and some – not as much. Regardless, players will always strive to play at the best brands possible. This is why services such as CryptoGamblingNews are constantly monitoring what new brands are available.

We review and list all good brands and caution you against playing at those websites that have not taken proper care of their users or seem to fall short of industry-leading casinos and standards. 

New Bitcoin casinos can be a lot of fun and for you to enjoy them just as much, we recommend that you take a closer and harder look at what is on offer right here at CGN. We will help you discover the best fresh Bitcoin gambling sites and set yourself up in no time! 

New Bitcoin Casinos FAQs 

Are new Bitcoin casinos safe?

Yes, new Bitcoin casinos are safe. Still, you need to be aware of the brand you are playing at. Players are recommended to do quick research about the owner and read up on reviews, such as the ones we offer at CGN. 

How can I pick a trustworthy new BTC casino?

To pick a trustworthy online Bitcoin casino, you need to check several factors or simply refer to a reviewing website such as CryptoGamblingNews. If you wish to do this on your own, always check for a license, reputation, and fairness at the Bitcoin casino you want to play – new or old. 

Yes, Bitcoin casinos are legal in general and so are new casinos. However, you still need to verify whether a particular brand is actually licensed. Check for a licensing seal and then run the reference number against the regulator’s database to be 100% certain.

How old do I need to be to play at a new Bitcoin Casino? 

18 or 21. How old you need to be will depend on where you are based and where the casino offers its services. New Bitcoin casinos must absolutely comply with this requirement in order to be safe and trustworthy. 

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