Nefta partners with Mystic Games

Mystic Games will steer away from pay-to-win models and focus on the accessibility of free blockchain gaming experiences.

Web 3.0 technology platform Nefta has partnered with Mystic Games to develop its upcoming blockchain game, Void.

Acting as advisors for Mystic Games, the partnership will provide support for web 3.0 integrated mobile games, wallet creation and token mining.

Nefta will help launch the upcoming mobile MMO game, where players can create web 3.0 integrated mobile games with free-to-own tradable NFTs.

Since its inception in 2022, founded by both Matthew Buxton and Jakob Braunisch, Mystic Games has focused on making blockchain gaming more accessible to all players.

With the forthcoming mobile game, all NFTs will be free of charge and sourced organically through players during gameplay.

Each NFT can be traded between players but still retain its value with no need for a crypto wallet.

The move further reduces the barrier to entry, and aids in Nefta’s goal of making blockchain gaming more attainable.

Nefta CEO Geeshan Willink said: “We share Mystic Games’ passion and ambition to make the world of Web3 more accessible, and are proud to offer our support to help make this a reality.

“The founder’s rich experience in the mobile gaming sector, combined with Nefta’s end-to-end web3 solutions, means that we will be able to bring accessible and fun blockchain gaming experiences to a wider audience in the future.”



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Written by Isabella Aslam


Isabella is an experienced writer in B2B and B2C journalism. Alongside crypto, Isabella writes and discusses the topics of relationships and psychology. Isabella holds a first-class degree in music journalism and often interviews electronic artists and DJs.