Nearly half of blockchain users are gamers

Gamers make up almost half of blockchain activity registered by DappRadar in January.

January data estimates that 48% of blockchain activity is for the purposes of gaming, according to DappRadar.

DappRadar has focused on the first month of 2023, seeing a noticeable interest from gamers in blockchain. This came with a strong upsurge of interest in specific gaming tokens.

The average gaming token moved up 122% in value, with one of the biggest winners the Gala (GALA) token, developed by Gala Games, which increased its value by 218%.

DappRadar estimates that the renewed interest in gaming tokens is to do with organic interest in these activities.

According to the company, many mainstream audiences are finally being exposed to these tokens and the products that they stand for.

“This is because blockchain gaming is already a vertical in the traditional industry. As blockchain gains more traction, it will bring more adoption to web3 games which will become mainstream”, DappRadar analyst Sara Gherghela told Cointelegraph.

DappRadar has been able to look into individual results and performances, finding the Wax blockchain has a massive gaming community of 331,000 unique wallets.

Hive comes second with 183,000 wallets, and Polygon is next with 138,000. BNB Chain and EOS slid a little in January by 25% and 3.95% respectively on their December numbers.

However, the gains in other tokens were sufficient to offset these results and push the market up as a whole.

The report noted that no small part of this uptake was owing to the metaverse and metaverse blockchain solutions.

The beginning of the year again saw a very strong uptake in metaverse projects which has spilled over to gaming tokens. Projects such as The Sandbox and Decentraland increased their momentum in January 2023 as well.

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