MyPrize crypto casino operator hits $140M in valuation

The crypto casino operator has raised additional $13 million and has hit a valuation of $140 million

MyPrize is a prominent project in the crypto gambling industry that has secured backing from Silicon Valley investors and insiders, making it one of the most ambitious undertakings in the sector, with a strong focus on social crypto gaming and consumer-generated content.

The idea behind MyPrize is to create a unique crypto-gaming environment where players can play alongside friends, creators, and other community members. At its crux, MyPrize seeks to “transcend boundaries,” and ensure that players and fans are having the best possible gaming experience, combining the best practices from the world of gaming and streaming using web3 as a springboard.

MyPrize further creates an element of social gaming and collaboration, which company founders Zach Bruch, Paul Martin, James Seibel, and Max Bruch hope would translate into a much better product that leverages the power of blockchain and crypto to create brand-new experiences.

MyPrize is itself a web3 gaming platform and it wants to be seen as such, driving forays in numerous markets around the world, including the United States. One of the company’s main goals is to overcome the feeling of isolation that legacy online casino operators create with their models, argues the company.

Dragonfly General partner Rob Hadick has described the platform as a “game-changer” and said that it relies on user-generated content to spur exponential growth.

“We believe the potential of this category is just starting to become clear and we are excited about the explosive growth MyPrize will enable at the intersection of iGaming, crypto, and the creator economy,” Hadick explained.

He was joined by MyPrize CEO Zach Bruch, who was similarly pleased to celebrate the company’s most recent funding round. The project is designed to be a “major shift to the online social casino industry,” Bruch explained.

The project is not yet live, as it’s right now in the signup stage where players can join one of the websites available to them worldwide and register. Anyone around the world can access MyPrize at For the United States, a dedicated website has been launched under

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