Morpher Labs powers up an Ethereum prediction marketplace

In that time, the company has been providing consumers with unlimited access to long and short trades of real-world stocks, empowering anyone interested in trading to shop around for commodities and explore FOREX markets at liberty.

According to Morpher Labs CEO Martin Froehler, the idea behind the project is rather ambitious.

It seeks to empower a solution that is historically difficult to engage with.

The snag lies in the fact that offering on-chain users access to real-world assets and their price action often comes with the inherent drawback of liquidity, or lack thereof.

In a similar fashion, Augur allows consumers to bet on the outcome of events around the world, with the protocol actually posting some reassuring results to the tune of $3million in TVL.

However, Morpher believes that navigating the difficulty of liquidity has one easy solution, and that is tokenisation.

In theory, a peer-to-peer system should allow an unlimited access to liquidity, and a stock that is continuously scaling up, powered by consumer participation.

Yet, another problem presents itself. Crypto assets fluctuate in value, but that is not something that should scare potential investors, Froehler thinks.

After all, such fluctuations occur in mainstream assets, too.

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David is co-founder of, and has worked in the crypto gambling space since 2015.

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