caught up with founder Tim Walters to discuss its plans in both the B2B and consumer spaces.

Please could you introduce Monster Byte to our readers?

Short answer – Monster Byte is one of the oldest and most established crypto iGaming companies in the world, starting as a direct to consumer site ( back in 2013!

Long answer – We are a licensed B2B blockchain iGaming operator who provides an end to end compliant solution for aspiring entrepreneurs, developers, and existing gaming operators. Monster Byte offers Provably Fair Games, a risk-free sportsbook, a cryptocurrency “bankroll as a service” and wallet solutions in both direct API access or custom-built white-label offerings.

The Monster Byte platform is already used by some well known crypto gambling sites. Please outline its key features and advantages over the competition?

Absolutely, we have a distinct advantage over our competitors in that we cater to both the sports betting and casino gaming demographics. Going further, our casino products are all built using Provably Fair shuffling which is slowly but surely becoming a standard in the iGaming community, and our Sportsbook leverages Machine Learning AI models to hedge bets under the covers so we can offer the best odds in the business (this has been independently verified by many in the industry). 

In addition, our company has been well-established in the Bitcoin gaming community for several years, and has an extremely solid and well-received reputation. And just a shoutout – the top EOS gaming Dapp (Dice.One) and the top 5 Tron gaming Dapp (TronTopia) both leverage our sportsbook solutions.

Who is the team behind Monster Byte?

I’m the founder and actually the original developer who started Monster Byte all the way back in 2013 as a direct to consumer site. Through the years, we hired much better developers, more business focussed personnel, and a small team of UI/UX experts internally to ensure our clients had some of the best sites available in crypto gaming. All told, today Monster Byte consists of a dozen employees, spread across North America, UK, and India. Disciplines range from engineering, business development, marketing and leadership verticals. Our team collectively has over 70 years experience in the internet technology & gaming sector.

Through the years, we hired much better developers, more business focussed personnel, and a small team of UI/UX experts internally to ensure our clients had some of the best sites available in crypto gaming

Tim Walters, Monster Byte

You have recently been raising money through pre-sales and IEO. Could you give us the details of this process? Why did you select the EOS blockchain for the Monster Byte token?

To start, we chose EOS because of the reach in markets we are not truly well-known in (Asia), but are heavily active in iGaming crypto or fiat. Our token holders will benefit from structured buybacks designed to have a deflationary effect on the total supply, with significant rewards for long-term holders, in fact all tokens that are bought-back will be burned. In addition, MBT tokens will be the preferred gaming token on new direct to consumer site, and B2B clients will receive discounts for paying for license fees in MBT. 

A limited supply of Monster Byte tokens were available on our token portal with Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, USDT, TRX, and Litecoin, and tokens will be traded on Shortex, NewDex, and another top-tier exchange in early 2020.

You are planning to launch your own, consumer-facing casino. What is the thinking there? And what is next on the roadmap?

That’s correct, we’ve done extremely well with our B2B operations; however, a consistent question we get from prospective partners is “Where can we see a demo of your products?” And we usually just point them to a handful of sites leveraging our Casino or Sportsbook solutions. We believe we would be better served to have all our games on a Monster Byte themed site available in both a demo-mode, and ‘real-money’ mode for supported jurisdictions. In addition, and to state the obvious, it’s a whole new revenue-source of us after we get it up and running.


As with all of CasinoFair’s titles, of which there are now more than 20, Cyber Hunter 2080 delivers real-time gaming using the state-of-the-art FunFair casino platform and FUN token.

The instant gaming experience is far better than what you’d find at many other decentralised casinos where gaming events often lag as they’re verified by the blockchain. To open a game session here, there is a short wait as Cyber Hunter 2080 goes off-chain, but this is negligible considering the longevity and variety of gameplay on offer.

In our opinion, the minimal wait to open and close a session is a price worth paying to ensure not just the real-time experience in-game, but also the Guaranteed Fair technology the game uses, allowing for instant payouts, guaranteed winnings and provably fair randomness.

This is all just complementary to the first-class gaming experience though. Cyber Hunter 2080 comes alive as soon as you enter the futuristic world of the game board. Pulsing neon lights, mysterious 3D game characters and a Hollywood-esque soundtrack all come together to immerse you into this sinister world of tomorrow.

The slot itself does not disappoint. With 20-paylines to win on, four high-paying and eight low-paying symbols, as well as enhanced reels, players could be in for a big payday. Seek out the Wild police shield, driving up payouts which, as with all CasinoFair games, can be withdrawn instantly on game end.

Cyber Hunter 2080 looks and plays just like any of the best slot titles at traditional online casinos, and like them, it offers additional features that allow the player to enjoy it as they want to. Autospin allows players to run the game for 100 consecutive spins, Quick Play mode fast tracks the slot visuals, allowing for quicker, faster wins, while you can choose whether to toggle sound effects and music on or off, although we’d suggest leaving them on for maximum effect.

Bonus features

Where Cyber Hunter 2080 excels and takes it beyond other slot offerings at other decentralised casinos is the additional bonus features and mini-games.

The Free Spins feature kicks in after finding three Energy Canisters on the reels. The round runs through a series of ten risk-free spins with bigger payouts than even the standard game with only top paying symbols revealed. It’s not rare either, we lucked out a few times in our test and it was very welcome in topping up our FUN balance.

Unique to this slot is the Hunter Bonus. On locating three drone symbols during the Free Spins round, players will be transformed to the city map where they’ll deploy these drones to hunt down data caches free FUN. With an equal chance of hitting a high and low payout city zone, thousands in FUN can be paid out on top of the winnings from the free spins.

These two features are huge complements to the fast-paced Cyber Hunter 2080 game, keeping it fresh and profitable, ensuring boredom never creeps in.


With 20 lines to play and a max stake of 15 FUN per line, the biggest individual win outside of features can be found by hunting down the Wild police shield across all five columns, paying out 1,000 times for 15,000 FUN. Including bonus features, it’s claimed that up to 2,500 times stake can be paid out in FUN, while the theoretical percentage return to player is a generous 95%, much higher than land-based casino slots and a significant proportion of online slots.

The judgement

 Cyber Hunter 2080 might drag players into a dark, futuristic world but it’s definitely not all doom and gloom as the genre often suggests. Instead, CasinoFair players will find this slot one of the most immersive around. With fantastic graphics and soundtrack, and huge wins on offer in the varied bonus games, they’re sure to find an enjoyable experience that will keep them coming back time and again.

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