Mike Novogratz reveals the secret to being a good crypto investor

The best way to learn about crypto investment, argues Mike Novogratz, is to start small and pick up insight on the go

Galaxy Digital CEO and founder Mike Novogratz has offered his practical advice to anyone looking to invest in the crypto sector. Having built a major digital asset and blockchain company, the billionaire believes that people who want to expand their portfolio should allocate anything between 2% and 5% into such assets and learn on the go.

Novogratz also cautions against heady decisions and says that people should get started “off zero,” so that they can be engaged with the entire process. “Once you have a little bit of an allocation, you start following the story,” he explained. The key here is to have people learn about how crypto investment works rather than blindly place money on assets that may be only trending for a short while.

Another wealth advice comes from Brian Vendig, president of MJP Wealth Advisors, who argues that Novogratz’s advice tracks well. Investing anything between 1% and 5% of one’s portfolio is indeed something that makes sense, especially if someone is only getting started with the sector.

Regardless of who is giving the advice, most investors agree that anything between 1% and 5% is the sweet spot when looking to invest in crypto, no matter if you are only getting started, or plan on making a career in this particular vertical.

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